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maths teaching jobs ukIf you’re looking for experience in teaching maths, then Rikama Education is here to help you find your ideal maths teaching job in Kent.

Perhaps you’re an experienced mathematician looking for some casual teaching work, or a seasoned professional looking for their next role. At Rikama, we help you to find the position that is best suited to your own requirements, be they full or part time, permanent or casual maths teaching jobs UK schools have vacancies for.

We are experts in education recruitment in Kent and the south-east, with know-how borne from years in the recruitment industry, coupled with the fact that we are, first and foremost, parents ourselves. We know the issues that teachers face and how to match the candidate to the school. We find the role best suited for the candidate, and don’t aim to fill roles based on speed or statistics.

Maths is a subject that is essential for students to appreciate and understand early on, as it is so important to later life. Not only do students require a C grade at GCSE, but universities and authorities are quicker to fund degrees at a postgraduate qualification and offer further help to those willing to pursue them. This is not to mention the everyday mathematical skills that everyone needs in their lives.

If you are passionate about teaching maths, then Rikama Education want to hear from you.


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