How Much Do Teachers In The UK Get Paid?

No matter what job a person does, one always expects a fair amount of salary to make a good living or at least to make both hands meet. Considering the salary before you start your job is certainly a wise act.

In UK, if you are into teaching profession, then you can expect to be paid fairly depending on a lot of factors.

Salaries of teachers differ in the UK depending on location. Before entering this profession, it’s important for you to know about the pay scales.

Since there are different teaching posts within schools e.g. head teachers, teaching assistants, primary teachers, secondary grade teachers so the salaries vary too according to the post of the teacher. Your location also affects your pay package.

Here are some salary ranges for various positions in the teaching job in the UK:
Headteacher salary

Headteachers are paid the highest salaries in the UK.


England and Wales – £44,212 to £111,008

Northern Ireland – £43,663 to £108,283

Scotland – £45,110 to £88,057


Public schools have their own pay rates whereas State schools pay on the basis of the total children in the school and their age.



Newly qualified teacher

The salary of a Newly Qualified Teacher salary ranges from £22,710 to £29,665 in Wales as well as England.

In Northern Ireland, the salary is at least £22,242


In Scotland, the salary is £22,867.


The good news is that you can expect rise in the pay as you manifest your potential and abilities. The better the performance, the more pay you’ll receive.



Qualified teacher

After being an NQT, teachers are granted promotion due to improved performance.


England (London excluded) and Wales – £22,710 to £35,009

Northern Ireland – £22,242 to £37,880.

Scotland – £27,439 to £36,490



Unqualified teacher

A teacher who hasn’t achieved the status of a Qualified Teacher yet is called an unqualified teacher.

Unqualified teachers have their own pay scale which is supervised under government authority.

The pay scale ranges from £17,209 to £27,217 in Wales and England. Rates in London differ.

Unqualified teachers in Northern Irish are paid around £14,152.



Teaching assistant

There is no particular pay range for teaching assistants. Two Teaching assistants working in the same area could be paid differently simply because depending of the demands of the roles they are performing.

Salary range for teaching assistants is from £11,400 and £14,500. Teachers who are promoted to the higher level get a salary in the range of £16,500 to £23,500.



Primary teacher

The average salary rate of a primary teacher salary is £11.02 per hour for educational professionals and qualified teachers. Unqualified teachers can expect a salary of £6.94 per hour only.



Substitute teacher

There are three pay rates for substitute teachers depending on the standards and qualification of teaching which are as follows:


upper – £35,926 to £38,664

main – £22,916 to £33,823

unqualified – £16,625 to £26,294
Many supply teachers are paid on an everyday basis rate, because they don’t get to teach daily.

Northern Irish supply teachers are paid in the same manner but in Scotland the substitute teachers’ salary vary depending on the service length.


Teaching is a great profession and being a teacher in the UK means there are doors of opportunities open for you.