Most students’ predicted A-levels ‘wrong’

Rikama Education 8th December 2016

Only 16% of university applicants achieve the grades their teachers predict, research suggests. Analysis of the results of 1.3 million young people over a three-year period found 75% had been given overly optimistic predictions…

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Faith school push will not ‘help results’

Rikama Education 2nd December 2016

Plans to allow new faith schools in England to increase the share of pupils they take on religious grounds will not improve standards, a report says. The Education Policy Institute research body also said…

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Thousands of children ‘missing’ from education

Rikama Education 1st December 2016

More than 30,000 children were missing from schools in England and Wales for substantial periods of time in the 2014-15 academic year, local education authority figures show. Of these, almost 4,000 children could not…

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