The YouTube stars being paid to sell cheating

Rikama Education 2nd May 2018

YouTube stars are being paid to sell academic cheating, a BBC investigation¬†has found. More than 250 channels are promoting EduBirdie, based in Ukraine, which allows students to buy essays, rather than doing the work…

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Young can ‘only read digital clocks’

Rikama Education 25th April 2018

Do young people really struggle with traditional analogue clocks with hands? That’s the claim in a debate between teachers – with suggestions that digital clocks are being installed in exam halls for teenagers. It…

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‘Wasted potential’ of mature students

Rikama Education 14th March 2018

A university group says that the government’s review of tuition fees in England should make a priority of finding ways to attract more mature and part-time students. The Million Plus group says there is…

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Secondary school staff suffer work attacks

Rikama Education 7th March 2018

Secondary school staff are three times more likely to be physically attacked at work than the average UK employee. The statistics given to BBC Radio 5 Live come from the Labour Force Survey (LFS).…

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