How Can We make Pupils Curious?

Rikama Education 17th July 2019 News

Curiosity, as we all know, is very useful for somebody learning. We tend to recall things that interest us whereas anything we find uninteresting tends to fade from memory over time. Educators tend to provoke curiosity by posing a question to the class and they must figure out a way to answer, however it often fades. Research suggests that knowing nothing about a subject does not appear to ignite curiosity and while knowing too much can lead to boredom so what is the perfect way to keep a pupil motivated to remain curious about a subject?

1/ The Teacher

The first aspect is the teacher; they must be motivated and enthusiastic to ignite a flame in the student’s minds. A teachers job is to be one hundred percent into the class, then they cannot expect the students to be the same.

2/ Resources

Secondly, resources. Pupils cannot just read from a book or take notes from a board, their minds must be stimulated, if they are then they will want to learn more about a given subject.

3/ Additional Support

Lastly, additional support. If somebody is struggling with a subject but the educator is trying to teach the other 29 pupils in the class; that pupil might be missed and therefore might loss interest. Interventions or a teaching assistant/learning support assistant might be needed to provide that additional response in the classroom.

How would you make pupils more curious?