How Much Sleep Should a Teacher be Getting?

Rikama Education 31st July 2019 News

A teacher’s life can be hectic, especially if they work on a full-time schedule, full planning and preparation, and must deal with several raising concerns within a school environment. Now, the summer break is upon us and teachers can, if they choose to, have up to six weeks off. Some teachers decide to carry on working in another area as a ‘second job,’ some decide to carry on planning for the next academic year, others take this well-deserved break and stay in bed until noon, research suggests, however is this ideal?

Stick to Routine!

Research suggests that breaking from our normal work routine can cause major problems as the human body loves ‘regularity, specifically our internal body clock.’ Within the human brain, we have over twenty thousand ‘clock cells’ which is responsible for keeping biological process on time. It is extremely easy for these ‘clocks’ to come out of sync however we must ensure that we stick to routines otherwise once the six weeks are up and us teachers go back; it will be a shock to the system.

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