Isolation Punishment Damaging Mental Health

Rikama Education 16th July 2019 News

It has come to light via a new study, that students having isolation sessions to punish them in school is severely damaging their mental health; this comes as Mind (the mental health charity) urgently asks the government to give schools proper guidance on the use of isolation rooms and seclusion.

Isolation can induce distress in students

When using isolation in the incorrect way, it can have the complete opposite effect, making students feel distressed, sometimes traumatised and can potentially add to or make their mental health needs worse. There have been several cases in recent years where students have been isolated for an entire week, staring at a blank wall; wouldn’t a more therapeutic intervention work to benefit the students?

What was the government’s response? They will conduct an independent review for guidance given about behaviour, discipline and responses to be released by the summer 2020. Is this soon enough? Swifter action is needed to be able to help our students effectively.