New Teachers to be Given Behaviour Training

Rikama Education 13th September 2019 News

Behaviour in schools is a huge problem for many educational schools in England, a lot of individuals leave the profession naming behaviour as one of the main reasons. Ofsted have finally clocked on and are now tracking how teachers manage behaviour during their initial teacher training under the new inspection plans to come into effect next year.

Let’s Look To The Next Generation

By ensuring that behaviour management is correct from the very beginning of training, we will make sure that the next generation of teachers will understand the importance of principles of behaviour management and instead can focus on a stimulating and learning environment for their students.

In schools, behaviour policies will be made well known to all educators as being clear, consistent and communicated to all staff, pupils and parents alike so there is full clarity. Some teachers may like a reminder training course on behaviour in addition to this from Ofsted? What do you think?