Ofsted Introducing Mental Health Inspections

Rikama Education 18th July 2019 News

Under the new inspection regime this year, Ofsted will be checking whether schools have certain systems in place to identify children whose mental health is evident or deteriorating. Ofsted will be utilising these checks in collaboration with local services to see how they respond to children with ill mental health as well as how timely the referrals from the schools to services are.

The joint services are Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission, HMI Probation, HMI Constabulary and Fire & Fire Rescue Services; these services together will be called the Joint Targeted Area Inspections (JTAI). The process will carry out assessments for children aged 10-15 to ensure that all children get the help they need. The one argument for this is what about the children below 10? If starting this process at an earlier stage could happen, would this reduce overall mental health issues when the student gets between 10-15?

How the report will be published

Similarly, to an Ofsted report, once assessments are completed within a school, findings will be published in a letter to local partnerships setting out what is being done well and what can be improved.

What do you think of this?