Primary Head’s Pay Highest in World

Rikama Education 10th September 2019 News

According to figures released today, primary school headteachers in England have the highest maximum pay in the world, some being almost twice the EU average. The report was established to compare samples from headteachers across the world, however it also compares salaries of primary teachers, which now, is below the average in the EU. Basically, it seems to be that headteachers are grossly overpaid, and teachers are underpaid.

Funding in Schools

When we talk about funding in schools, why don’t we look a bit closer to home first? If headteachers lowered their salaries and gave to their teachers, would they be better off? Maybe a little but it’s a start.

The highest paid primary headteacher in England was £112,256. Do you think that headteacher’s salaries should be lowered? From April 2020, a headteacher will earn £98,808 when at the top of their scale, similarly at the same time; teachers will receive a boost in pay as £30,000 minimum.