Protests Against LGBT Teaching Facing 70 Schools

Rikama Education 15th July 2019 News

It is 2019 isn’t it? We do live in an era where people can be what they want and be happy to do so don’t we? We do live in one of the most developed countries in the world, don’t we?

Parents Protest

Seventy schools in England are suffering through protests from parents because they do not want their children to be taught LGBT content in sex-education lessons; these schools have asked for support from the union.

England has become a country of various communities, giving vibrant culture to everyone who accepts it. Unfortunately, there are some in our country who will not accept this, times are changing people! Everybody should be happy with who they truly are, and students should be aware of this. LGBT is, and always will be, out there for everybody to see. Young people should understand it, therefore teaching it should be appropriate to avoid further confusion and other problems later in life.

Do you think LGBT should be taught in sex-education lessons? At what age to you think is the most appropriate? Let us hear your thoughts.