Quarter of Teachers Unprepared to Talk Periods

Rikama Education 11th September 2019 News

Over a quarter of teachers feel they are unprepared to teach lessons on menstruation with huge amounts of pupils going to them in distress about periods. As of September 2020, teaching menstruation will be compulsory in sex education so perhaps training should be required for some. When asked what educators need to be able to teach about periods effectively, forty per cent of them said they need educational resources.

Period Poverty

There needs to be more effective education about menstruation if period poverty, where somebody misses school due to a lack in menstrual products, is to be reduced. As part of the governments plan with sanitary products, all secondary school aged pupils will have access to products when they need them, which is great news. However, reports show that there is still a stigma, ignorance, and taboo with periods; this needs to change, and effective education can help.

Small teaching groups to the school’s educators will help, ensuring that every school has resources to be able to effectively teach the subject will be hugely beneficial. How is period poverty treated in your school?