TA’s Afraid of Teaching Due to Behaviour and Workload

Rikama Education 6th September 2019 News

In today’s climate, there is a teacher recruitment crisis throughout parts of the UK; a lot of educators are leaving the sector faster than people are joining the industry. Where can we go from here? Schools can recruit from abroad and pay for Visas, which happens quite often and sometimes doesn’t work out, or how about we train our support staff to teach?

A good idea in principle, however a study released today has demonstrated that a proportion of teaching assistants do not want to become qualified teachers due to extreme behaviour in schools and the high workload. A lot of support staff become teaching assistants because they want to help disadvantaged pupils or ones that have an education health care plan, many believe that taking full class teaching instead of the individual educational interaction, it will lower their work happiness.

Government Offers Funds

With the government giving new huge amount of funds to the education sector, these funds need to be spend to tackle behaviour in schools and to reduce workload for teachers so the profession is more attractive to those who want to apply, and to help those teachers already employed.