Teens Blame Mental Health Escalation on their School

Rikama Education 3rd September 2019 News

Figures released today have revealed that 77 per cent of young people who are currently seeking mental health support are saying that their education plays a pivotal role in escalating their needs through the pressure of needing to be successful. Of those young people, half said that they turned to teachers while they were waiting for help from external authorities.

77 per cent is a high proportion who feel they are failing school, but the more worrying figures showed that a little over two thirds said they had been unable to find any help or resolve at all with their mental health needs when they first needed it.

Schools have Done an Excellent Job

I believe that schools, over the last five years, have done an excellent job assisting young people with their mental health however, more can always be done. The number one issue that seems to contribute to mental health is pressure of exams and to succeed. One aspect that isn’t usually shared with students is that many people around the world are successful and not because of school.