‘Outstanding’ Schools No Longer Exempt from Regular Inspections

Rikama Education 2nd September 2019 News

It used to be that if your school achieved an ‘outstanding’ outcome from an Ofsted, that it would be a very long time until they returned. In some extreme cases, some children would start school in nursery and go all the way through to finish in Year 6 and never have an Ofsted; this is not good practice and I welcome these new changes with some schools not being seen for more than a decade.

Receiving an ‘Outstanding’ rating is a fantastic achievement for any school, however it should be regularly checked so that the rating does not become devalued. Some schools, after receiving this rating, might relax for a couple years and then improve their academic stance; this is undervaluing both the students, Ofsted and the whole rating system. A statistic that supports this has come from the National Audit Office, showing that only 16 per cent of ‘outstanding’ schools that were inspected last academic year retained their status; is this good?

No Stone Unturned

Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, has said that he will leave no stone unturned to ensure that every child can receive a great education. Mr Williamson has stated that there will be a new specialist academy trust opening soon to tackle the most challenging schools in the country, especially with long-term underperformance.