Vulnerable SEND Pupils with No Plans

Rikama Education 12th September 2019 News

In England, there are many young students with SEND in the classroom who have Education, Health and Care Plans however there are numerous individuals who are vulnerable because they have not been given an EHCP. NAO (National Audit Office) reported that of the 1.3 million children in England with SEND receive high quality support throughout their schooling life, some of those are suffering and therefore have a higher risk of exclusion.

79% of Children with SEND with No Plan

There are currently two types of SEND children; the first covers 21% of pupils (270,800 children) with enforceable packages set out in their EHCP’s. The remaining 79% totalling 1,041,500 pupils with SEND do not have EHCP’s but are eligible for additional support within their school; these are the pupils who are vulnerable.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, 44.9% of permanent exclusions came from children with SEND, is this a funding issue? Teacher training issues? What can be done to help our students and children of the future?